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Bessie’s Natural Treasures is a wellness company that offers hand-poured gemstone jewelry, candles, body scrubs, bath soaks, facemasks, herbal soaps, tinctures, salves, popsicles and tea blends to help customers relax, and build their immune systems.  

Our herb-infused products were created to help relax tense muscles, opens pores, encourage digestion, soften skin, and promote sleep in the comforts of your home. Our mission is to expose all generations to our candles, gemstone jewelry, and skincare products while educating them on the benefits of herbs in the home.

WHY Bessie?


The owner’s grandmother asked her to name a child after her (Bessie), but she had a son! So, to honor her granny’s wishes and her legacy as an educator, she created Bessie's Natural Treasures and Bessie's Candle-making Workshops to teach our youth an employable skill. 

Enough Entertainment Academy and Bessie’s Natural Treasures, are teaming up to teach students how to formulate and manufacture products in an after-care training program starting in February 2023.  Bessie's Candle Making Workshops are open to children residing in low-income communities in the Metro-Atlanta, Georgia. 

For more information about getting involved, contact K. Rachelle @ 404.565.4403 or


Wellness Box

(2) 8oz Candles                                       (2) 6oz Bath Tea Soaks

(1) 2oz Facemask Powder                      (1) 1oz Rum Tincture

(1) 2oz Muscle Rub Salve                       (1) .25oz Calendula Oil

(1) .05oz Tea Blend                                 (1) 2" Stainless Tea Ball

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