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Thank you for supporting Bessie’s Natural Treasures!  We are a wellness company that offers hand-poured gemstone jewelry, candles, body scrubs, facemasks, herb-infused soaps, salt baths, tinctures, salves, honey and tea blends to help our customers relax, and build their immune systems in the comforts of their home. 

WHY Bessie?


The owner’s grandmother asked her to name a child

after her (Bessie), but she had a son! So, to honor her

granny’s wishes and her legacy as an educator, she created

Bessie's Natural Treasures and a Candle-making Workshop

to give teenagers soft-skills and hands-on work experience. 

Bessie's Candle-making Workshops give teens in underserved communities a chance to learn how to make candles, and formulate herbal recipes in their community.  We are partnering with Rae Signs' Youth Advertising Academy to help us create a media campaign for our Mother’s Day and Black Friday Sales. 


Our mission is to expose the community to our hand-poured candles, stone jewelry, and herb-infused skincare products, while educating young adults on self-care and the benefits of using herbs and spices to help build the immune system.  For information about becoming a Workshop Site, Academy Partner and/or Advertiser, please contact K. Rachelle @ Rae Signs: 404.565.4403 or

Thank you in advance for your business!

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